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DevSecOps Roadmap

Tout pour comprendre et mettre en place un projet de DevSecOps.

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  • Version PDF - 19 pages - 2020 - Anglais
DevSecOps Roadmap

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"From DevOps to DevSecOps

• DevOps is the predominant way to improve the efficiency of product development teams and the quality of Software. DevOps is a culture powered by automation and the concept of infrastructure as a code

• DevSecOps is an augmentation of DevOps to allow for security practices and tools to be integrated within the DevOps organization

Secure development Lifecycle (SDLC)

• Looking at the secure development lifecycle, DevSecOps includes practices, processes and Tools under Develop, Verify, Release and Deploy phases

• DevSecOps align with Shift Left movement which aims at finding and preventing defects/vulnerabilities early in the software delivery process to save cost, time and effort"

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