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Your essential guide to modern data integration

Le guide essentiel de l'intégration moderne des données.

Your essential guide to modern data integration

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Some new methods, such as creating data lakes, have produced less-than-desirable results, leading many organizations to revert back to tried-and-true techniques like batch-based ETL to data warehouses and marts.

The Role of Data Governance

The continued need for data governance also encourages many organizations to stick to the same old methods, as they try to avoid people in meetings from having different numbers, or different departments from having conflicting or incomplete views of customer data.

New Approaches Must Be Flexible

Organizations need new, more modern approaches – and supporting technology solutions – to unify all data sources across the enterprise. These solutions must be flexible and agile, to keep pace with evolving data infrastructures that are constantly embracing new sources of information. They must also make data governance more efficient."

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