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Scalability by Nuxeo

Performance & flexibilité des logiciels de DAM.

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  • Version PDF - 10 pages - 2018 - Anglais
Scalability by Nuxeo

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"Nuxeo has the privilege of being a partner to some of the most forward-thinking—and demanding—organizations on the planet. These organizations operate on the leading edge of feasibility. Working with these customers has given us a unique window into the future of the market, and into the needs that leading-edge companies have today… and the rest of us will have tomorrow.

One of our biggest takeaways: Scalability matters. To propel enterprises forward instead of holding them back, a DAM application should be able to handle huge volumes, enormous media files, and maintain responsive, fast performance for thousands of simultaneous users worldwide.

Customers have told us that their legacy DAM applications have problems keeping up: lagging searches (some taking 10 seconds or more), inconsistent naming conventions making content impossible to find, version control spinning out of control.

Twenty years ago, a state-of-the-art digital camera could shoot 1-megapixel photos. With 8 MB of memory, it could hold fewer than 100 images at 1024x768 resolution.1 Today’s enterprise needs to store ultra-high-definition 4K (and even 8K) video, uncompressed high-resolution image and video files, and 3-d renderings—formats that are orders of magnitude larger than anything that could be imagined in 1998.

It’s no wonder that legacy digital asset management (DAM) products from 20th century companies can’t scale for the needs of 21st century businesses. Too many businesses feel stuck with legacy software that yields mediocre performance even on a day with minimal load—and that can cause serious slowdowns when many assets need to be uploaded and indexed by the system simultaneously.

Nuxeo is built differently. Using the latest database technology, the Nuxeo platform gives enterprises access to truly limitless scalability. Searches at lightning-fast speeds, across billions of assets, high user loads, and large file sizes?"

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