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The Human Fix to Human Risk

Cinq étapes pour élaborer un programme efficace de sensibilisation à la sécurité.

  • EditeurTerra Nova
  • Version PDF - 196 pages - 2018 - Anglais
The Human Fix to Human Risk

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Those of us who are CISOs and have been conducting awareness programs for years realize that “the devil is in the details” when building a successful program. Our initial attempts on getting an awareness program started are usually done by trial and error. That hit-and-miss approach is often ineffective or frustrating, making funding for new programs hard to get.

I am very impressed by the new Terranova Security Awareness 5-Step Framework for effectively raising security awareness. It walks you through every detail you need to consider in order to plan and deliver a successful awareness program with checklists, templates and other takeaways to simplify your efforts. Built on five essential steps (Analyse, Plan, Deploy, Measure and Optimize), the framework incorporates several triedand-true techniques for changing human behavior—the ultimate goal of any security awareness program.

A successful security awareness program must be well-defined and have measurable objectives, a strong knowledge of your target audiences, and topics that are chosen based on assessments of your organization’s risks. Everything in your program feeds from those foundational points. By following the recommendations in Terranova Security Awareness 5-Step Framework, you’ll accomplish those key success factors and produce a security awareness program with measurable impact. Most importantly, your organization, clients and customers will be better protected."

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