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Business Process Management study 2015

Amélioration quantifiable des performances grâce à la gestion des processus.

  • EditeurBearingpoint
  • Version PDF - 51 pages - 2015 - Anglais
Business Process Management study 2015

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"The age of digitalization has begun. All industries have been influenced by digitalization in recent years and just a few companies remain untouched by its progress so far. The trend towards increased digitalization will not diminish, but will rather increase significantly in the future. As a result, many of the current business models are expected to be no longer sustainable without adaptation to these changing circumstances. What actions will companies need to undertake to strengthen the sustainability of their business models and to survive in the digital age? How can the adaptation requirements be defined across company functions and departments? How can IT solutions be successfully deployed to support new business models?

Business Process Management (BPM) is one of the key factors on the journey to digitalization. Organizations can only capitalize on the benefits of digitalization if management understand and actively guide processes. Sustainable BPM aligns all processes in a customer‐centric manner and provides a better understanding of the requirements for a company's own business model. Effective BPM increases transparency around business processes and noticeably improves the ability of the organization to adapt to new challenges.

This study was co‐created by BearingPoint and BPM&O for the first time as part of an ongoing collaboration. We reflect on the results of more than 270 submissions on the basis of our consulting experience in strategic, operational and IT‐related areas of Process Management. The study not only reveals the current state of BPM‐implementations, but also analyzes the critical factors for a successful implementation. Furthermore, recommendations for decision makers are presented, and will hopefully support discussions around a results‐driven approach to BPM."

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