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Blockchain and beyond

  • EditeurCellabz
  • Version Pdf - 38 pages - Novembre 2015 - Anglais

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

Extrait du livre blanc : "Bitcoin, the crypto-currency, known for allowing direct transfer of money between individuals, without relying on a bank, has been gaining popularity and publicity over the years.

Still many people haven’t heard of it or taken the time to carefully understand the underlying technology making the Blockchain possible and its potential transformations onto the world.

As we will see, the real innovation on this technology relies on its distributed, consensus based and transparent protocol, allowing trusted parties to exchange information between each others, without an intermediary or central authority like a bank, company, lawyer or government that controls it or regulate it .

The first application of this technology happened at the financial level, but recently new ones are appearing; among them, juridical or physical implementation via more advanced versions, like smart contracts or decentralized applications.

The potential of these new tools could be so important, that it is often compared to the beginnings of the Internet and the impact it had on society, industries, governance systems and individual implication in larger scale projects and decisions making."

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