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How Cobots help you bridge the automation skills gap

Comment les Cobots vous aident à combler le manque de compétences en matière d'automatisation.

How Cobots help you bridge the automation skills gap

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"Manufacturers are excited about automating their processes and gaining the advantages of increased output, improved product quality, and reduced costs. But as you explore advanced manufacturing technologies, you may find yourself running up against the skills gap.

If a shortage of advanced manufacturing workers is slowing your progress, don’t despair. Collaborative robots (cobots) are helping bridge the skills gap in manufacturing operations from small and mid-sized companies to huge multinationals.

The top challenge for manufacturers is the gap between the demand and availability of workers who have experience as robot operators, programmers, engineers, and maintenance technicians to keep automated factories humming.


Cobots are one of the easiest forms of automation to deploy. They help reduce the skills gap because your existing employees can program, operate, and maintain them with no previous experience. The out-of-box experience for an untrained operator to unpack a UR robot, mount it, and program the fi rst simple task is typically less than an hour.

How cobots reduce the skills gap:

• Require no previous experience to program and operate

• Reduce the number of operators for repetitive, dull, or dangerous processes

• Build workforce skill level and move employees into higher-value positions

• Add value to processes to support ongoing success"

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