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Sportswear Insights: A Report on the Global State of the Sector

The top 20 most powerful sportswear brands ranking.

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"In this industry analysis, Launchmetrics has addressed the most pivotal questions within the rapidly evolving and ever-expanding industry of sportswear. By examining key trends, influential Voices, and successful brand strategies, this analysis sheds light on the industry’s evolution and significance in today’s dynamic consumer landscape.

The report delves into the Voices that dominate the conversation, explores the intersection of sportswear with pop culture and examines the impact of sustainability and fitness influencers. Also featured is an analysis of the strategies employed by leading brands such as Adidas, Under Armour, Gymshark, and Lululemon with Voices, as well as an exclusive ranking of the Top 20 Most Powerful Brands in the Sportswear sector.

In addition to a global industry analysis, this report showcases a ranking of the top 20 most powerful brands in sportswear, considering factors such as how much MIV® sportswear brands generated in 2022. This ranking considers both the market at large and also offers a deep dive into 3 divisions: Pure Sport, Outdoor Wear and Athleisure."

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