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Project Managers make great Change Managers

Ce livre blanc vous explique comment les gestionnaires de projets peuvent devenir d'excellents gestionnaires du changement au sein d'une entreprise.

  • EditeurClarizen
  • Version PDF - 9 pages - 2016 - Anglais
Project Managers make great Change Managers

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Everything is subject to change, and that includes the role of the Project Manager. As the project management profession continues to mature, the scope of the project manager’s role and the skills needed to be an excellent project manager continue to grow.

One of the most important changes facing project managers is the expectation that the benefits promised in a project’s business case will be delivered during the project lifecycle. The scope of the project manager’s role has widened from the management of delivery to the management and sometimes the realization of the benefits promised.

In addition, there has been a greater emphasis on how to implement project deliverables as effectively and as efficiently as we create them. Complicating this challenge is the multiplicity of projects and their interconnectedness. Projects can often overlap and impact many different business processes, departments, staff and systems."

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