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Dans ce livre blanc, TheCodingMachine explique les défis posés par les contraintes juridiques et technologiques chinois, et comment vous pouvez les gérer.

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Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"With more than one billion inhabitants, China is an expanding market demanded but not as easy to access. The establishment of the Great Firewall restrains access to the market to Western Companies. You should come prepared when you want to gain a foothold in this market.

Different constraints will stand in front of you:

- On one hand, technological constraints due to hosting and testing solutions, accessibility of your website or mobile application.

- On the other hand, cultural constraints linked to Chinese population’s consumption habits with the use of local online chat or payment system.

Hence this is primordial to take into consideration all of those factors to set up your business in China.

Following the opening of our subsidiary in Hong Kong, TheCodingMachine understands the constraints of this market.

In this white paper, we will explain the challenges provoked by the legal and technological constraints and how you can deal with them."

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