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Applications bancaires : Législation, menaces et prévention de la fraude

Un livre blanc de Pradeo qui aborde en détail les différents aspects du mobile banking.

  • EditeurPradeo
  • Version PDF - 14 pages - 2018 - Anglais
Applications bancaires : Législation, menaces et prévention de la fraude

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Mobile banking is a 24/7 remote service offered by banks and financial institutions to their clients. It is delivered through mobile applications and allows to monitor account balances, follow transactions, make fund transfers, etc. Mobile banking is widely implemented in the financial industry as it lowers the amount of customers visiting local branches, hence reducing overall expenses.

The mobile banking service has quickly been embraced by consumers, as 79% of US internet users had downloaded their bank’s mobile application in 2017, according to a study by Market Force Information. In 2018, Mobile banking usage keeps skyrocketing with a nearly 50% increase in usage year over year, according to The Citi Mobile Banking Survey. Furthermore, the survey state that 91% of mobile banking users prefer using their applications over going to a physical branch.

Increasing mobile banking adoption and customer expectations put banks under pressure and the question is no longer to offer an application, but to feature cutting-edge services and ensure the best protection from data theft and fraud. To stay ahead of the competition, major banks as well as community banks and credit unions quickly developed their mobile applications, which they frequently update with new capabilities."

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