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Maximize Customer Value Through Strategic Conversion Rate Optimization

Maximiser la valeur client grâce à une optimisation stratégique du taux de conversion.

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"Delivering optimal experiences to our customers as we continue to digitally disrupt our engagement with them is getting more difficult. Yet designing and building digital experiences that attract, engage, and ultimately convert is essential. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) remains a critically valuable and useful tool for this. Unfortunately, organizational and technological challenges hold back CRO programs. The good news? Organizations can overcome these hurdles through the strategic approach demonstrated by firms leading the field in CRO. Firms can deliver highly impactful CRO programs by focusing on people and expertise and engaging external partners strategically. Mature CRO capabilities optimize customer experience, drive loyalty, and ultimately contribute to revenue growth and deliver real competitive advantage.

In April 2018, AB Tasty commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study on how firms are implementing conversion rate optimization initiatives across their digital properties. The study explored how firms are currently operating their CRO programs, what distinguishes forwardthinking firms from others that are further behind in their CRO journeys, challenges around CRO, and the benefits across customer experience and business outcomes."

Maximize Customer Value Through Strategic Conversion Rate Optimization