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What is the future of influence ?

Dans ce livre blanc, Sampleo vous explique quel est est le futur pour l'influence.

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What is the future of influence ?

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Influence Marketing is a set of practices aiming to use the visibility, virality and prescription potential of influencers for a mercantile purpose.

Influence marketing is a policy suitable for any type of business. There are 4 categories of influencers depending on the importance of their community :

- Nano influencers

- Micro influencers

- Mid influencers

- Top creators

According to the issue sought by the company, different profiles can be used. This document helps us to understand the future of influence.

Brands & influencers : a new « Role Model » ?

63% of the French people say the positive impact on people’s life a brand can have is a reliable measure of trust.

54% of the young Americans (GenZ & Millenials) say if they had an opportunity, they would become an influencer."

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