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The Instagram influencer business : the recovery ?

Ce livre blanc permet de comprendre le marketing d'influence d'Instagram sur 6 marchés avant, pendant et après la crise de Covid-19 !

  • EditeurSampleo
  • Version PDF - 44 pages - 2020 - Anglais
The Instagram influencer business : the recovery ?

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

" Why this study ?

These past 6 months haven’t been easy on influencers and certainly haven’t been easy on the Influencer Marketing business itself. If content consumption records 
 a rise of 60% during COVID-19, the budgetary cuts are also there to nuance this high in activity. To say the least, adapting media plans and strategies have been (and will be) quite the challenge.

Why now ?

Now that the first wave is over, HypeAuditor and Sampleo thought it was high time to get to the reality of the real figures from real verified Influencers’ accounts. The COVID period has drawn lots of debates regarding the use of remunerated Influencers. They definitely helped to build consideration when brands were hesitating about how to communicate. The biggest drive for brands was to use Influencers to show good intent, support and understanding to the situation, 
 but also, to keep e-stores up and running.

This study focuses on 6 active markets US, UK, Spain, Germany, Spain, Poland 
 as they spent differently their budgets on Instagram ads. A good way to see 
 how remunerated partnerships were practiced before, during and after 
 the bewilderment of the pandemic in 6 different contexts. 

Finally, HypeAuditor and Sampleo shared your questions on the future of Ad Spend. And this was also quite a drive to lead this research. We are, after all, an industry driven by our consumers and data -and data on them we need!"

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