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How to find the right mix in your influence strategy ?

Dans cet ouvrage, Sampleo vous aide à établir votre stratégie d'influence !

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How to find the right mix in your influence strategy ?

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Influence can be defined as "a substantive noun (from Latin influerer: flow into), action, generally slow and continuous, of one physical agent on someone or something, leading to modifications of a material nature."

Macro, micro, nano ?

To better understand the different levels of influence and their purpose

One may represent the different levels of influence using a pyramid model: a base made up of hundreds of thousands of consumers with moderate individual resonance and a summit reserved for a few dozen stars of influence, having a much larger community...

The levels of influence 

Macro influence : macro-influencers are at the very top of the pyramid for the purpose of incarnating the brand. They have the possibility of reaching large numbers in record time.

Micro influence : micro-influencers are at the intermediate level and make it possible to contribute expertise by making the brand credible among their engaged communities.

Nano influence : nano-influencers, consumers transformed into brand ambassadors, recommend the brand by creating authentic on-line content (social networks and emarketplaces) and off-line content (word of mouth)."

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