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5 misconceptions about influence

Sampleo vous explique 5 fausses idées sur l'influence pour vous permettre d'adopter la meilleure stratégie !

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"This short guide helps you understand 5 misconceptions about influence. Corrections are made to these. After reading this book, it seems very easy to understand what influence is.

The level of the brand determines the level of influence

It is incorrect to think that micro and nano influence are reserved for mid-range products or simply mass consumption products. It is common for a luxury brand to be very established and not need to develop its recognition but, on the contrary, it may have a need for consumer recommendations.

In cosmetics, for example, the La Mer line of luxury creams uses levers of nano. And, in another sector, Huawei recently gave around twenty telephones to micro-influencers.

A domain which was one of the pioneers of influence, gaming, has, on the contrary, invested a lot in Top influence. In fact, it’s a sector in which the activity itself already functions on user recommendation. So then, its focus is, rather, to define an incarnation for its product, and less so to recommend it."

5 misconceptions about influence