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Designing a Content Factory to Fuel Global Growth

Concevoir une fabrique de contenu pour alimenter la croissance mondiale.

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  • Version PDF - 4 pages - 2018 - Français

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"The pace of technology and digital innovation has created a global population that is more connected than ever. End users also expect digital content to be personalized and culturally adapted. To engage consumers and support global workforces, companies must efficiently deliver customized, translated and culturally adapted content to each person across all digital channels and communication touchpoints. Enterprises that are able do this can turn management of global content into a competitive advantage. How? By establishing a Content Factory that aligns with and supports a corporation’s operating model.


In today’s fast-paced environment, many international companies are investing in the digitalization of their businesses. This involves implementing technologies that add value by optimizing processes, increasing efficiency and decreasing expenses. Corporations that are positioned to thrive in the hyper competitive, global economy know having a future-proof digital strategy is key to achieving their ideal Target Operating Models."

Designing a Content Factory to Fuel Global Growth