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Improving customer experience with product documentation

Le présent livre blanc met en évidence la nécessité de valoriser les contenus liés aux produits et au marketing.

  • EditeurAMPLEXOR
  • Version PDF - 9 pages - 2017 - Anglais
Improving customer experience with product documentation

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Product documentation is usually published in PDF format and available for download in a dedicated area of a company’s website.

Although PDFs have many advantages regarding layout and formatting, there are some disadvantages with respect to user experience:

Insufficient search capabilities: Searching for information via a company website or search engines returns the complete PDF document. Users must then browse through several pages of content before finding the exact information they need.

Disconnected user interface: Switching from the download website page to the actual PDF document can result in a disruptive feeling for the user as these documents are usually not integrated with the main website.

Navigation inconsistency: Lacking integration with the main website, PDF documents don’t allow users to smoothly navigate back and forth between topics or related information."

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