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Réussir avec l’IoT : les facteurs clés

Ce livre blanc fait le point sur les facteurs clés pour réussir dans l'industrie de l'IoT.

  • EditeurSAS
  • Version PDF - 15 pages - 2017 - Anglais

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"The “first-mover advantage” is notoriously difficult for technology innovators and early adopters to capture and sustain. The inherent technical and market uncertainties inevitably lead to wasted investments and misplaced capability development. 

Fast followers benefit from the technical and market experiments of the early adopters. They’re able to leverage technology maturity and existing customer relationships to build real-world applications — often by acquiring the innovators — and direct their resources where it will deliver the highest returns.

Today, a generation of data-savvy business leaders — first movers and fast followers alike — is intent on extracting a competitive advantage and market growth from the Internet of Things (IoT).

There are few technology areas in recent decades that have been so anticipated — and the market potential so wildly extrapolated — than the Internet of Things."

Réussir avec l’IoT : les facteurs clés