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Cloud computing in health

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  • Version Pdf - 54 pages - Septembre 2012 - Anglais

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"This document is a white paper on the subject of cloud computing and its potential relevance for the e-health community in Canada. The document defines the subject of cloud computing and describes possible applications of the technology from a Canadian health care perspective.

The phrase “cloud computing” (or even just the word “cloud”) has become very visible in popular news and advertising media to businesses and consumers as a technology concept. However, for most people, its substance and shape are as vague and changing as its namesake.   

While the capabilities underlying this technology paradigm have been in existence for more than a decade, they have matured in terms of definition, substance and demonstrated value. This has occurred to the point where cloud computing is rapidly being seen no longer as a novel innovation, but as an information technology (IT) framework that is for mainstream use.

One of the problems with the emergence and popularization of this framework is that the term “cloud” is now so pervasively used that the term “cloud washing” has been coined to refer to the tendency of industry to label everything it does as some form of cloud computing. This has the unfortunate effect of diluting the meaning and potentially the value of using cloud computing. It also complicates the evaluation of vendor offerings, thus a caution to those in that role."