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A new CMS leads to a close partnership with KBC

Ce case study documente le projet d'un CMS mis en place par AMPLEXOR en partenariat avec KBC.

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  • Version PDF - 4 pages - 2017 - Anglais

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"An important element of the cooperation is that AMPLEXOR installed a large team on-site at KBC to be used flexibly on web projects. This method helps KBC respond more flexibly and faster, bringing KBC closer to the client.

The team is very diverse and includes a wide variety of profiles, ranging from functional analysts to front-end developers. In total, the AMPLEXOR contingent consists of 14 to 18 people. Projects for financial institutions are of course extra challenging, because they take place in an environment with a strict legal framework.

In KBC’s case, the bank insurer itself provides the hosting, so we had to ensure that we followed the rules closely when setting up the new platform. Security remains a key concern not only during installation, but also in everyday use.

This places particular demands on our developers, who need to document their code extremely well and monitor the quality. We also knew that the websites we produced would be subject to screening and thorough testing."

A new CMS leads to a close partnership with KBC