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Drupal 8: What’s in it for digital experience management?

Découvrez ce que Drupal 8 peut apporter à votre entreprise pour la gestion de l’expérience digitale et les implications de Drupal 8 sur votre site Drupal existant.

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  • Version PDF - 13 pages - 2015 - Anglais

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"Drupal is a high-quality open source content management system. The software owes its quality to the large community of developers supporting it, who are contributing modules and maintaining existing ones.

Drupal 8, the latest version of the system, has been released on November 19, 2015 after nearly five years of development.

This ebook will focus on some of the major new features and improvements, and some of the questions and concerns you may have if you have a Drupal-built website.

Why do companies choose Drupal? What should you do if your current website is running on an older version of Drupal (Drupal 7 or even Drupal 6)? What if you’re currently looking into building a new website – should you choose Drupal 8 without hesitation, or still consider Drupal 7?"

Ce livre blanc est également disponible en français.

Drupal 8: What’s in it for digital experience management?