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Better use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems for safer and greener transport

  • EditeurSaPPART
  • Version Pdf - 62 pages - Septembre 2015 - Anglais

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Extrait du livre blanc : "This white paper is produced by the members of the COST Action SaPPART with two principal aims. The first is to explain the principles, state-of-the-art performance of GNSS technology and added value in the field of transport. The second aim is to deliver key messages to the stakeholders to facilitate the deployment of GNSS technology and thus contribute to the development of smarter and greener transport systems.

The first chapter highlights the important role of positioning in today transport systems and the added value of accurate and reliable positioning for critical systems.

The second chapter is about positioning technologies for transport: GNSS and their different aiding and augmentation methods are described, but the other complementary technologies are also introduced.

The third and last chapter is about the management of performances inside a positioning-based intelligent transport system, between the positioning system itself and the application-specific part of the system which processes the raw position for delivering its service."