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State of Digital Sales in Banking

Un état des lieux des ventes digitales dans le secteur des banques.

  • EditeurAvoka
  • Version PDF - 24 pages - 2018 - Anglais

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"Each of the past three years Avoka has conducted research to answer the question: Are banks ready to capitalize on transforming their customer acquisition into a digital experience? In this 2018 version of the annual Avoka State of Digital Sales in Banking report, a change is starting to emerge.

Avoka’s third annual report measures the digital account opening capabilities of the 50 largest banks in three regions: North America, Europe, and Australia. It ranks and compares their offerings across geographies, products, and features, both in breadth and quality of the offering. As used in this report, the term “digital account opening capability” refers to the ability to apply online either on a desktop or mobile device.

The largest banks worldwide have heard the demand from their customers and the results are starting to show. Importantly, the shift to mobile engagement for customer acquisition journeys is clear. But questions still loom.

Can the largest banks transform their entire customer engagement across all product lines including personal, business, and wealth, or is it limited to a marquee demonstration for just a few consumer products? Can banks create a cohesive experience that connects their branches, advisors, and their new digital investment?"

State of Digital Sales in Banking