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5 digital strategies to overcome the BigTech threat in financial services

5 stratégies digitales pour concurrencer les Big Tech.

  • EditeurNuxeo
  • Version PDF - 13 pages - 2018 - Anglais

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"Consumer demand for personalized digital services and products is driving major changes in the financial services industry.Today’s consumer wants the same level of customer experience from their financial services organizations that they get from BigTech companies like Amazon and Google. But that is not the reality for most, and the result is customer dissatisfaction that leaves the financial services industry wide open to disruption.

It's time to face the elephant in the room: What will you do when BigTech starts delivering financial services?

Disruption from BigTech is a clear and present danger to organizations who stay locked into past modes of thinking in everything from customer experience to systems architecture. For financial services veterans to compete with agile, idea-led newcomers; preparation and a forward-looking strategy will be required that embodies the experience delivered byBigTech— with information rich touch points along the entire path of the customerjourney.

Nuxeo recently surveyed 100 financial services institutions to determine the biggest challenges with their current information systems. In this guide, you’ll discover which modernization struggles are most common across the financial services industry as you discover how to navigate technology challenges while avoiding common, costly pitfalls."

5 digital strategies to overcome the BigTech threat in financial services