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Transcreation: More than just marketing translations

Transcréation: plus que des traductions marketing.

  • EditeurAMPLEXOR
  • Version PDF - 2 pages - 2017 - Anglais
Transcreation: More than just marketing translations

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"If you’re a marketing professional, you understand the importance of translating your company’s global message

As you globalize, words may take on new meaning, images may have different implications and colors may suggest other emotions. During translation, you’re faced with the possibility of losing your carefully crafted marketing message by having it translated into a completely new language. Accuracy and clarity are undoubtedly a few concerns that come to mind.

Yet, you must also maintain a consistent brand identity and message. Take, for example, the vocabulary used to describe your services, or the colors of your company brand. When you imagine two of the world’s largest global brands, Facebook and Coca-Cola, you probably think of the words “share,” “like” and “post” or envision a red and white cursive logo. This is the kind of brand awareness all companies strive for because, much like familiar faces, we as humans gravitate toward recognizable images. The more consistent you are, the likelier it is your message will stick with your audience."

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