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Ensuring translation quality: Creating a quality plan

Assurer la qualité de la traduction : créer un plan qualité.

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Ensuring translation quality: Creating a quality plan

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"While the impact of poor translations can be easy to understand, how do you ensure you will receive the high quality translations you expect?

There tends to be multiple steps involved in the typical translation process – which means multiple opportunities for flaws in the system or errors to potentially slip into your content. To reduce the likelihood of possible translation missteps, start from the beginning.

Create a quality plan

Before you even begin translating content, your vendor should be working with you to map out a plan to track and manage quality throughout the entire translation process. This plan should outline quality safeguards around each step of the translation workflow, including submission, translation, desktop publishing (when applicable) and final approval. Below are questions you should ask your vendor to help you understand if quality checkpoints are inserted throughout the entire translation process:"

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