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All about translation proxy

Une manière plus rapide et transversale pour traduire votre site internet mondial.

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All about translation proxy

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Adapting your website for new markets makes great business sense. After all, more than half (52.4 percent) of consumers ONLY buy from websites where the information can be presented in their language (CSA). But what’s the best way to take your website into multilingual territory?

One effective method is proxy technology. It’s a simple, cloud-based solution. Linguists translate the source content using a platform that works in the background — so you can get back to excelling in your industry.


A translation proxy is a cloud-based technology that sits in front of your website and simplifies global website management.

It frees up content creators to focus on what they do best: creating source content. The proxy takes care of all the legwork on the multilingual side, replicating the site into target languages, translating content and publishing/hosting the target language sites. The proxy service frees you from the time-intensive nature of hosting a multilingual website and managing the website translation process."

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