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The untapped training resource: employees

La ressource de formation inexploitée : les employés.

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"Companies spend a large amount of money on employee trainings each year - working with outside sources, bringing in training experts, sending employees to far off locations to train remotely, paying for formal Learning Management Systems - the different options are endless.

In fact, in 2015, spending on outside products and services skyrocketed 29% from $6.1 billion to $8 billion, while other training expenditures (i.e., travel, facilities, equipment) more than doubled to $28.7 billion1 . But is all of the budget put behind this worth it? Are companies receiving a strong return on their investment?

The Center for Creative Leadership has found that 70% of workplace learning comes from real life, on-the-job experiences, compared to only 10% of learning from formal, structured training like the typical Learning Management System. So why are companies willing to spend so much on formal training structures?"

The untapped training resource: employees