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Kill your spreadsheets before your spreadsheets kill you

Ce livre blanc présente les principe fondamentaux du Product Information Management (PIM), et vous explique comment intégrer cette solution dans votre gestion de travail.

  • Editeurakeneo
  • Version PDF - 19 pages - 2017 - Anglais

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"Managing growth in spreadsheets creates a nightmare. As marketers increase distribution platforms and sales channels, they begin to realize they have a problem. Spreadsheets don’t scale well.

The product category for e-commerce catalog management is generally referred to as product information management or PIM for short. PIM solves all the problems that spreadsheets don’t because they are custom-built for managing product information across websites, e-commerce platforms, print catalogs, points of sale, mobile applications, and more.

PIM has the power to revolutionize your productivity when it comes to product enrichment and catalog management. As such, some people tend to think of it as a time or cost savings tool. However, in our experience, very few customers use it to directly save on labor costs. Instead, they utilize those time savings and efficiency improvements to tackle transformational expansions of their business."

Kill your spreadsheets before your spreadsheets kill you